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Traditionally India has been the master in the field of Agriculture and led as an example for rest of the world; with the knowledge and expertise in best Natural & Organic way of farming. Over the past few decades, we lost our way and indulged in using chemicals and fertilizers, leaving a big potential risk on the fertility of the land. We also ignored the fact that every action has equivalent opposite reaction; while use these chemicals for farming the nature gives us back in return unhealthy products leading to chronic diseases in the humankind. Being an Indian, we need to find out 'Why' and 'What' we have lost and 'How' to correct our mistakes and get back to the healthy way of organic farming. Most Important Requirements of Farmers on this Earth: How to Increase Quantity of Production? How to Decrease Cost of Farming? How to Increase Quality of Product? How to Increase Fertility of Land? Every farmer desires to maximize the yield, at the same time give the best hygienic & healthy crop products to the society. But can this wish be met today……?? THE ANSWER IS BIG NO!!!!! We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Fertilizers and Plant Growth Promoters. For improving the soil aeration and preventing the leaching losses, our organic fertilizers are much appreciated among the customers.
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